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Full description This project was established to document the involvement of the Australian Science Archives Project (ASAP) and subsequent organisations with the records of Philip Crosbie Morrison (1900-1958). Philip Crosbie Morrison 1900-1958. Crosbie Morrison, as he was known, became a household name in Australia and New Zealand through his editorship of Wild Life (1938-1954) and his weekly radio broadcasts on natural history. He was a central figure in the stimulation of the Australian community to be more aware and to take better care of their natural environment and was also instrumental in the establishment of the National Parks Association of Victoria. Shortly before his death he was appointed as the inaugural director of the Victorian National Parks Authority. After graduating from the University of Melbourne with a MSc Crosbie carved a career in journalism specialising where possible on scientific news items. Numbered among his earliest newspapers cuttings are reports from the Great Barrier Reef Committee Expedition of 1925. In addition to diaries, correspondence and notebooks this collection contains a very rich series of Wild Life photographs, many 16 inch acetate audio discs of his radio talks and a number of 16mm films from the 1930s to the 1950s recording both scientific expeditions and family activities. The records were deposited with the State Library of Victoria in 2007.

Data time period: 24 04 1986

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