Explore Research Grants and Projects

Search for Australian research grants and projects. This discovery service includes grant information from  Australia's principal research funders as well as project descriptions from some institutions and agencies. These descriptions can include connections to related datasets and publications.

About Exploring Research Grants and Projects

Research Data Australia aggregates research grant information supplied by some  funders and research project information supplied by some of our research institutions.

Grant descriptions are the responsibility of the funder who contributed the information. Some provide open access to their funding grants on their own web sites. Their own web site may provide detail absent from the description in RDA. Further information about each funder's grant data, including the currency of the information, can be found by following the 'read more' link under their entry below.

Research Project descriptions are the responsibility of the institution who contributed the information. RDA can contain both a description of the project and a description of the grant that funded it, in which case both descriptions will appear together in search results if they share the same grant identifier.

Which funders contribute information about research grants they have awarded

NHMRC funding supports research across the full spectrum of health and medical research, from basic science through to clinical, public health and health services research. The NHMRC provides publicly downloadable spreadsheets with descriptions of all the grants for projects, programs, equipment and...

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The ARC is a Commonwealth entity within the Australian Government. Its mission is to deliver policy and programs that advance Australian research and innovation globally and benefit the community.The ARC provides advice to the Government on research matters and manages the National Competitive Grant...

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The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is part of the Australian Government with diverse roles and functions.  The department: works to enhance Australia's agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries creates new and maintains existing agricultural export opportunities, to prov...

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  UNSW Sydney University of New South Wales is a member of the Group of Eight and one of Australia's leading research intensive universities.  While we conduct research across a wide range of disciplines, we are investing considerable resources in particular areas where we feel we can make a diffe...

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