About Research Data Australia

A service built on sharing

Research Data Australia is the data discovery service of the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program.

Research Data Australia helps you find, access, and reuse data for research from over one hundred Australian research organisations, government agencies, and cultural institutions. We do not store the data itself here but provide descriptions of, and links to, the data from our data publishing partners.

Data for researchers everywhere

Research Data Australia caters specifically for researchers but also has broader relevance to others including policy makers, educators and business people.

Research Data Australia covers a broad spectrum of research fields - across sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Much of the data you can discover here is immediately accessible online via our partners and free to use (subject to any licence conditions).

More than just a search engine

A single search in Research Data Australia retrieves data resources across a wide range of subjects and providers, so that you can:

  • reuse existing data
  • explore beyond your discipline
  • assemble data resources to solve big problems

For example a search for the town "Wagga Wagga" will return results for data from a number of fields of research including: Earth Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary sciences, Environmental Sciences, Built Environment and Design, Biological Sciences, Studies in Human Society, Studies in Creative Arts, History and Archaeology, and Philosophy and Religious Studies.