FRS, FAA Brian Leslie Norman Kennett

Also known as: B L N Kennett, Brian Leslie Norman Kennett, Brian Kennett, B.L.N. Kennett
National Library of Australia
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Brian Leslie N. Kennett is currently Professor of Seismology at the Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University in Canberra. He is also Director of the ANSIR National Research Facility and a Past President of the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI). He has made numerous discoveries of deep Earth structure, was instrumental in establishing the accepted model by which earthquakes are located, and has conducted a systematic study of the seismic properties of the whole Australian continent. Taken in part from the Royal Society web site

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After completing a Ph.D. in Theoretical Seismology at the University of Cambridge (1973) Brian Leslie Norman Kennett was appointed a Lindemann Fellow at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP), University of California, in San Diego. He left in 1975 and took up the post of University Lecturer at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. Kennett moved to the Research School of Earth Sciences in 1984 as Professorial Fellow, and was Interim Director of the School in 1993, and Chair of BIAS and Pro-Vice-Chancellor from 1994-1997. He was President of the International Association of Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (IASPEI) from 1999-2003.
Brian Kennett's research has covered a very wide range of topics in seismology from exploration work with seismic reflection to the free oscillations of the Earth, and has developed Earth models that are now standard in many applications e.g. earthquake location. He has received recognition through the Adams Prize of the University of Cambridge (1983), Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (1987), Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences (1994), Jaeger Medal of the Australian Academy of Sciences (2005), Fellow of the Royal Society, London (2005), and the Murchison medal of the Geological Society of London (2006). Bio-sketch (edited) supplied by Professor Kennett, 2006.
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