Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis

Also known as: CMCA
The University of Western Australia
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The Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis (CMCA) enables research excellence by providing world class microscopy and microanalysis facilities and expertise to publicly funded researchers and industry. The Centre offers units in microscopy and microanalysis to undergraduates and assistance or supervision to postgraduates using the facilities. The staff and facilities support research across the University of Western Australia, the Australian community and internationally in natural, agricultural, physical, life and biomedical sciences and engineering.


Research Areas 1) Biological Sciences - Research in the biosciences incorporates both natural and biomedical sciences. It involves understanding the structural, immunological and compositional properties of cells and tissues, with applications in fields such as biomedicine, marine biology, agriculture and evolution. 2) Earth and Environmental Science - Analysing and characterising the minerals and microstructures of our rocks and soils, our research increases understanding of our planet’s past and guides the sustainable development of our resources for the future. 3) Physical Science - Research involves the characterisation of the structure, composition and chemistry of materials down to the nano or atomic scales. They are involved in a wide range of collaborative research programmes in areas such as nanomaterials/nanotechnology, semiconductors and materials engineering.

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Postal Address:
Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis (M010)
The University of Western Australia
Room 1.52
First floor, Physics Building
Western Australia 6009
Ph: (+61 8) 6488 2770
Fax: (+61 8) 6488 1087