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All website content copyright University of Sydney Library. The texts and images are not to be used for commercial purposes without permission.

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All items in the collection are freely available to search view and download for the purposes of private study and research.

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The Australian Digital Collections Website hosts the University of Sydney Library's collection of Australian Literary and Historical Texts. The texts are encoded according to the Text Encoding Initiative's guidelines for text encoding and interchange. The collection has been growing since 1997 with funding from a number of national grants and institutional collaborations. Between 1997 and July 2010, content management and development was overseen by Dr. Creagh Cole, Coordinator of the Sydney Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS). Technical development was undertaken by Rowan Brownlee using Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) and Java Server Pages (JSP). Graphic design was provided by Rebecca Goldsworthy, with CSS and HTML by Gaith Bader.

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