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Classic Texts in Australian and International Taxation Law Website

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All digitised texts are accessible to students and staff of the University of Sydney, and to and members of the public for the purposes of private research.


Copyright permissions to reproduce the works on the site have been provided Marion Parsons and the Law Book Company (now part of the Thomson Reuters Group) for the Parsons text and by the Commonwealth of Australia for the Asprey Report. Transcribed texts and all site content copyright University of Sydney Library. Text or images must not be reproduced for commercial purposes without permission.

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This website provides access to the Classic Texts in Australian and International Taxation Law collection - a digitised, searchable collection of Australian and international legal texts that would be otherwise difficult to access due to scarcity or condition of existing physical copies. The collection is intended to be a research resource for students, researchers, legal practitioners and tax officials, but it is also accessible to the public. The Classic Texts in Australian and International Taxation Law website forms part of the Australian Digital Collections at the University of Sydney Library. The Australian Research Council has provided funding through a Research Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Grant for the development of the collection web site.

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