Records of Walter Geoffrey Duffield (1879 - 1929) - Archival Project

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Researchers: Duffield, Walter Geoffrey (isRelatedTo, hasAssociatonWith) ,  McCarthy, Gavan Sankey, Howard Walter Geoffrey Duffield (hasAssociatonWith, isRelatedTo)

Full description This project was established to document the involvement of the Australian Science Archives Project (ASAP) and subsequent organisations with the records of Walter Geoffrey Duffield (1879-1929). Duffield was the founding director of the Commonwealth Solar Observatory at Mt. Stromlo, ACT. This important set of papers remained in the hands of his daughter until 1985. A number of items of archival value, including photographs, retained by the family have been copied and included in the collection housed at the Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science. Unfortunately approximately 80% of the collection was destroyed in a basement flood some years ago and many of the surviving documents show evidence of water damage.

Data time period: 13 09 1985

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