Records of Andrew Crowther Hurley (1926 - 1988) - Archival Project

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Researchers: A C Hurley (isRelatedTo, hasAssociatonWith) ,  Hurley, Andrew Crowther (isRelatedTo, hasAssociatonWith) ,  McCarthy, Gavan

Full description This project was established to document the involvement of the Australian Science Archives Project (ASAP) and subsequent organisations with the records of Andrew Crowther Hurley (1926-1988). Shortly after the death of the notable Australian quantum chemist, Andrew Crowther Hurley, ASAP was approached by Dr Tom Spurling of the CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Technology to appraise the collection with a view to archival preservation. Funds were subsequently made available and work on the collection commenced in early March. Due to the highly technical and mathematical nature of the records work is being conducted on the records on-site with the assistance of one of Hurley's colleagues, Dr Victor Maslen. Hurley worked in Cambridge with P.A.M. Dirac and Sir John Lennard-Jones during the 1950s but spent most of his working life with the CSIRO. He made significant contributions to general molecular orbital theory and was later a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

Data time period: 02 03 1989

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