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Public Open Space (POS) population growth scenario testing service

Also known as: POS Tool
The University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia : Centre for the Built Environment and Health (Owned by)
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The POS Tool is a unique web based data dissemination and visualization tool. The tool allows users to interrogate the newly created (2012) public open space (POS) geographic information system (GIS) layer (representing Perth and Peel in WA).

In addition to the main search methods (search by address, search by Park Name, search by local government area (LGA) or suburb); the POS tool will allows users who create a profile and log into the system to upload custom areas (polygons) or digitise a polygon to derive custom POS statistics summaries and export this data via .csv download.

Another interrogation method currently under development will allow users who log in to model or scenario test the impact of population growth on access to POS and POS amenity. This service will take the form of a scenario modeling interface which will provide current information on population for either an existing boundary (LGA, suburb) or additionally for a users custom area (uploaded or digitised polygon). The interface will allow the user to forecast future population for an area as well as alter current park areas, and calculate metrics related to POS access and amenity.

Users will be able to export their work via .csv file, or save work and come back to it in their user profile area as saved against a project.



A sample result from a park search is provided below


This service currently covers Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region.

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