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Public Open Space (POS) distribution, access, and amenity interrogation service

Also known as: POS Tool
The University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia : Centre for the Built Environment and Health (Owned by)
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Use of the POS Tool shall be solely at the user's own discretion and risk and no other party shall be liable for any damages whatsoever and howsoever caused, including where resulting from any inaccuracy, incorrectness, unsoundness and/or unreliability in its use. The tool and data are provided without any representation or warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to being of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose.


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The POS Tool is a unique web based data dissemination and visualization tool. The tool allows users to interrogate the newly created (2012) public open space (POS) geographic information system (GIS) layer (representing Perth and Peel in WA) via three main methods:

Search Page

1. Search by address

2. Search by Park Name

3. Search by local government area (LGA) or suburb


Each of the three search methods returns a different results page containing various data and information about parks and/or public open space

1. When a user searches via address, the 5 closest parks to the address are returned. Both a map interface and a list of the parks with a summary of attributes of the 5 closest parks are provided.

A sample result from an address search is provided below

Address search Results page

2. When a user searches via park name, suggestions of existing park names are provided, and a user may select from those suggestions. Once a park is selected from the suggestions the park results page displays information about that particular park as well as a map interface. Location (i.e. suburb, LGA), area and size classification data are displayed, as well as information on facilities and amenities contained within the park.

A sample result from a park search is provided below

Park search results page

3. When a user searchers via suburb or LGA, suggestions of either are provided, and a user may select from those suggestions. Once a suburb or an LGA is selected from the suggestions the results pages displays summarized information regarding POS and parks in that region. A map interface displays the region (suburb or LGA) being queried and count, area (% Park Area, % POS Area, % LGA Area) and both POS catchment and DSR catchment population data are provided across tabs for the user to investigate.

A sample result from an LGA search is provided below

LGA search results page

Additionally from this page, a user may download a summary statistics file containing all of the information displayed in the web page in a .csv file for export.


This service currently covers Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region.

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