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Researchers: Dr Etienne Turpin (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Tomas Holderness (Principal investigator) ,  Etienne Turpin (Principal investigator) ,  Tomas Holderness (Principal investigator) ,  Mr Robert Ogie
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Brief description (Map Jakarta) is a crowd-sourcing urban data collection project co-ordinated by the SMART Infrastructure Facility of the University of Wollongong, the Jakarta Emergency Management Agency (BPBD DKI Jakarta), and Twitter, Inc. The project is also supported by the SMART GeoSocial Intelligence Research Group and the SMART OSGeo Lab, with the goal of extending our knowledge of urban livability and resilience. Our aim is to understand and promote the resilience of cities to both extreme weather events and to long-term infrastructure transformation as a process of climate adaptation.

The platform harnesses the power of social media to gather, sort, and display information about flooding for Jakarta residents and governmental agencies in real time. It runs on the open source software CogniCity—an Applied GeoSocial Intelligence Framework developed by the SMART Infrastructure Facility—which allows situational information to be collected and disseminated by community members through their location-enabled mobile devices, and optimizes infrastructure surveys and asset management for governmental actors. Equipped with scalable mapping technology for mobile devices and a critical alert service, this free and open source software enables the communication of two-way, time-critical information to and from individuals and government agencies.

As the pilot study for our long-term research on urban resilience and adaptation to climate change in Asian megacities, enables real-time data collection and feedback for flood monitoring in one of Southeast Asia’s most precarious delta cities. CogniCity—our highly transferable, free, and open source software—can be deployed in other megacities, in alternate languages, and for other urgent urban problems, including those resulting from climate change.

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