NERP TE Project 13.1 eAtlas (AIMS) [ 2011-07-01 - 2014-12-31 ]

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Researchers: Lawrey, Eric, Dr (Principal investigator) ,  Lawrey, Eric, Dr (Key party responsible for gathering information and conducting research) ,  Lawrey, Eric, Dr. (Point of contact) ,  eAtlas Data Manager (Point of contact)

Brief description The eAtlas is a website and mapping system for presenting environmental research data in an accessible form that promotes greater use of this information. It is also a data management system for preserving and encouraging reuse of this data. The eAtlas is the primary data and knowledge repository for 38 NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub projects, 6 Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program projects and historically, the Marine and Tropical Science Research Facility. It is now funded as the data repository for the NESP TWQ hub. Project goals under the NERP TE (2010 - 2014): 1. Document (website and metadata), capture (repository) and visualise (mapping services) research outcomes of all NERP TE Hub projects in a readily accessible manner following the NERP TE Data Management Guidelines. These products will be made available in standard services (WMS, WFS, ISO19115, etc) following the National Plan for Environment Information (NPEI). 2. Develop visualisations for all NERP TE Hub spatial and non-spatial data and make them available in a manner suitable for fostering research collaboration and to develop key datasets for use by environmental managers and policy makers. 3. Expand the range of reference datasets in the eAtlas that complement available research data as well as maintain and upgrade existing content in the eAtlas (MTSRF data). 4. Develop a Torres Strait eAtlas that will make available Torres Strait content from NERP TE research, TSRA data and priority historical CSIRO data. This project will also develop a baselayer for the Torres Strait community based on Landsat imagery, QLD government aerial imagery, TSRA data and the development of a reef's dataset. 5. Develop the eAtlas systems (mapping system, data processing tools, metadata system and website) to best meet the needs of the end users.

Notes Decades of research have generated a large amount of data and information on the Great Barrier Reef and the terrestrial tropical ecosystems. Until now this information has generally been under-used. The eAtlas aims to promote collaboration and support the work of management agencies, researchers, reef-based industries and community groups.

Notes Dr Eric Lawrey (AIMS), Gael Lafond (AIMS), Dr Libby Evans-Illidge (AIMS), Kate Osborne (AIMS), Dr Glenn De’ath (AIMS), Roland Pitcher (CSIRO), Tim Skewes (CSIRO), Ian McCleod (CSIRO)

Data time period: 2011-07-01 to 2014-12-31

137.8,-10.6 137.8,-28.2 153.2,-28.2 153.2,-10.6 137.8,-10.6


text: northlimit=-10.6; southlimit=-28.2; westlimit=153.2; eastLimit=137.8

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