Discover, learn, investigate and download environmental research and reference data for the Great Barrier Reef, its catchments, the Wet Tropics and the Torres Strait regions.

The eAtlas is a website and mapping system for presenting environmental research data in an accessible form that promotes greater use of this information. It is also a data management system for preserving and encouraging reuse of this data.

Decades of research have generated a large amount of data and information on the Great Barrier Reef and the terrestrial tropical ecosystems. Until now this information has generally been under-used. The eAtlas aims to promote collaboration and support the work of management agencies, researchers, reef-based industries and community groups.

From the site, users can discover what research is being done in a given region or on a given topic, then learn more about this research and its outcomes. The data behind the research can be investigated through an interactive mapping system and, where possible, the data itself can be downloaded. The eAtlas also contains a wide range of reference datasets that complement its research content.

The eAtlas is the primary data and knowledge repository for 38 NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub projects, 6 Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program projects and historically, the Marine and Tropical Science Research Facility. This research covers a wide range of topics some of which include: seagrass, coral reefs, turtles, dugongs, seabirds, bathymetry, fish abundance, Crown Of Thorns Starfish, rainforest revegetation, wet tropics species distributions, etc.

The eAtlas was initially developed in 2008, funded by the Marine and Tropical Science Research Facility and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.The eAtlas is now supported through funding from the Australian Government's National Environmental Research Program and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

The eAtlas has a sister product, the Ningaloo Atlas, which is based on the same philosophy and technology.

Data Profile
eAtlas has 214 data records in Research Data Australia, which cover 14 subjects areas including biota, oceans and environment and involve 138 group(s). All of the information provided by eAtlas can be accessed from the box on the right hand side of this page.