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The eAtlas delivers its mapping products via two Web Mapping Services, a legacy server (from 2008-2011) and a newer primary server (2011+) to which all new content it added. This record describes the primary WMS.

This service delivers map layers associated with the eAtlas project (, which contains map layers of environmental research focusing on the Great Barrier Reef and its neighbouring coast, the Wet Tropics rainforests and Torres Strait. It also includes lots of reference datasets that provide context for the research data. These reference datasets are sourced mostly from state and federal agencies. In addition to this a number of reference basemaps and associated layers are developed as part of the eAtlas and these are made available through this service.

This services also delivers map layers associated with the Torres Strait eAtlas.

This web map service is predominantly set up and maintained for delivery of visualisations through the eAtlas mapping portal ( and the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) portal ( Other portals are free to use this service with attribution, provided you inform us with an email so we can let you know of any changes to the service.

This WMS is implemented using GeoServer version 2.3 software hosted on a server at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. Associated with each WMS layer is a corresponding cached tiled service which is much faster then the WMS. Please use the cached version when possible.

The layers that are available can be discovered by inspecting the GetCapabilities document generated by the GeoServer. This XML document lists all the layers, their descriptions and available rendering styles. Most WMS clients should be able to read this document allowing easy access to all the layers from this service.

For ArcMap use the following steps to add this service:
1. "Add Data" then choose GIS Servers from the "Look in" drop down.
2. Click "Add WMS Server" then set the URL to ""

Note: this service has over 1000 layers and so retrieving the capabilities documents can take a while.

This services is operated by the Australian Institute of Marine Science and co-funded by the National Environmental Research Program Tropical Ecosystems hub.
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text: northlimit=90; southlimit=-90; westlimit=-180; eastLimit=180; projection=EPSG


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