Mr Ivan Charles Hanigan

Also known as: Mr Ivan Charles Hanigan, Ivan Hanigan, IC Hanigan
National Library of Australia
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I am a multidisciplinary data manager and analyst with over 15 years experience at seven Australian universities and the CSIRO, especially the ANU. I recently completed my PhD at the ANU National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health. Until 2013 I worked closely with Prof Tony McMichael's Climate Change and Health program at ANU. In 2014/15 I led the development of the data portal for Prof David Lindenmayer’s Long Term Ecological Research Network.I work on data analysis that disentangles health effects of environmental changes from social factors. I give special attention to issues of data management, security, privacy and ethics for my research. I have primarily worked in environmental epidemiology, building on the approaches from human ecology and geography at ANU. My PhD research focused on reproducible research pipelines, heterogeneous datasets and statistical modelling of exposure-response associations in the context of complex multifactorial causality. My studies include phenomena such as the effects of air pollution from bushfires on heart disease, and droughts on mental health. I explored the areas of differential vulnerability across sub-populations, precision of spatiotemporal exposure estimates and general issues of geospatial data analysis methods.I have been both lead author and contributing author on 23 peer-reviewed journal papers. I have contributed to 7 reports and 17 conference presentations. My Scopus h-index is 13 and my Field-Weighted Citation Impact is 2.22. My contributions have spanned the range from designing study protocols, creating datasets, conducting analyses and communicating results. The integration of gridded, point-source and area-based administrative data has become a specialty. In particular I have experience in the integration of health, social and environmental data which involves reconciling health and socio-economic or population data based on incompatible spatial units. I also am adept at the creation of linked environmental exposure maps and computer programming. Alongside my experience in analysis of empirical data I have experience in scenario-based forecasting in climate change risk assessments.

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Ivan Hanigan is an Australian data manager and analyst who has primarily worked in multidisciplinary teams focussed on Environmental Epidemiology. He has skills in manipulation of large databases and multivariate regression modelling. He also has experience of scenario-based forecasting in climate change risk assessments.

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