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Centre for Safe Air
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NSW data: If you are using this data in scientific publications, please cite: Riley M, Kirkwood J, Jiang N, Ross G and Scorgie Y. 'Air quality monitoring in NSW: From long term trend monitoring to integrated urban services'. Air Quality & Climate Change. 2020; 54(1): 44-51 See for further details WA data: These data may only be used for research purposes and may not be used for commercial reasons. ACT data: data usage reporting required

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A web API to access the CARDAT NAPMD (National Air Pollution Monitor Database). NAPMD Is the quality checked and corrected historical hourly air quality data (including PM2.5, NO2, ozone, etc) from government monitor stations across Australia. The API has a number of useful functions eg. querying the database for various pollutants by site or for all sites across a whole state. For examples on how to use this API, please visit the following GitHub Repo:

Data time period: 1990-01-01 to 2021-01-01

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167.998,-9.1422 167.998,-43.7405 96.8169,-43.7405 96.8169,-9.1422 167.998,-9.1422


text: Australia

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