Dr Hrvoje Tkalcic

The Australian National University
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As an observational seismologist at The Australian National Universities Research School of Earth Sciences, Dr. Tkalcic is interested in both earthquake phenomena and using seismic waves as a tool to study Earth's structure and dynamics. His most significant contributions to understanding the Earth's interior have come through a combination of observational and interpretational work on seismic data. His publications include work on lithospheric structure, the Earth's core and lowermost mantle, strong motion prediction in urban areas, as well as physics of seismic sources in volcanic environment. His seismic moment tensor solutions are part of the Northern California Earthquake Information Centre Catalogue for the period from 1997 to 2001. Dr. Tkalcic is genuinely interested in making contributions toward ongoing efforts at The Australian National Universities Research School of Earth Sciences for achieving an unprecedented coverage of a continental lithosphere by seismic deployments and individual stations. He is responsible for the operation of WRA seismic and infrasonic array in the Northern Territory, the array that is designated as a primary monitoring station for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

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