Department of Finance (previously known as Ministry of Finance 1991-1992)

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Following significant machinery of government changes after the election of the first Kennett Government in October 1992, the Department of Finance was established by Administrative Arrangements Order No.114.


* All functions from the previous Ministry of Finance (VA 3016) except the Budget Division and the Office of the Valuer-General;

* the following functions from the Department of the Treasury:

* Financial Institutions Branch, Superannuation Policy Branch, Information and Commercial Division;

* Information Victoria from the Ministry of Ethnic, Municipal and Community Affairs (VA 3015).

The Department of Finance is responsible for developing strategies and processes to improve the management of the State's resources by establishing guidelines and standards in the financial and resource management programs of agencies.

The Department achieves these objectives by:

* managing the Public Account, setting accounting standards and developing policies to improve financial management performance across agencies;
* providing advice to Government departments and agencies in valuation and survey matters;
* managing State owned and leased property assets, including Government accommodation;
* managing Information Technology policy, major projects and services;
* managing policy, developing strategies and ensuring cost effectiveness and efficiency in the financial management of Superannuation, on behalf of the State;
* Vehicle Fleet Management policy, monitoring and regulation;
* managing insurance liability on behalf of Budget Sector departments; and
* providing corporate management and executive support services to the Secretary and the Minister.


Responsible for the management of resources available to government agencies; provides advice on accounting, finance reporting and systems issues; manages the Public Account; maintains the Public Ledgers which record the financial transactions of the State; manages the Unclaimed Moneys Fund.

Asset Management and Accommodation Division

Responsible for government owned land and Crown land sales and assessment, location and fitout of government accommodation.

Information Technology Policy

Provides advice and assistance on agencies' information technology plans through development of strategies and guidelines.

VicComputing (Victorian Government Computing Service)

Victorian Public Sector Mobile Radio Network

Operate a mobile radio network which will allow agencies to share infrastructure and data communications capability.

Office of Geographic Data Co-ordination

Co-ordinating all activities relating to geographic information systems and developing the State's Geographic Information Management Strategy, a common logical geographic data model to support the business of government and other data users. [This is not the Landata system, and appears to be the digital mapping function usually undertaken within the Survey and Mapping area]

Commercial Services including Government supply service, parking and motor vehicle services

Information Victoria

Printing and Publishing Services, Victoria and the Law Printer

Survey and Mapping Victoria

Office of the Valuer-General

Land Monitoring

From 1978/79 until 1985 the Department of Property and Services (VA 430) had responsibility for the function of monitoring government land sales. This function was inherited by the Treasurer in 1985 and was the responsibility of the Land Monitoring Division of the Department of Management and Budget (VA 1022) until it was transferred to the Department of Planning and Urban Growth (VA 3006) in early 1990. In 1991 the function was transferred back to the Department of the Treasury (VA 3007) and remained with this agency until it was transferred to the Department of Finance (VA 3016) after the October 1992 election. In mid 1993 responsibility for land monitoring was transferred to the Department of Planning and Development (VA 3094).


All purchases and sales of properties by Government of $100,000 or more require Land Monitoring approval to ensure that all Government requirements under the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 in relation to property transactions are met. The function was established to provide Government with an independent safeguard against further land dealings of the type criticised at the Gowans Board of Enquiry and later at the Frost Royal Commission. This function is completely separate from the budgeting and planning functions in relation to government real estate. The function encompasses:

* monitoring all purchases and sales of properties by Government of $100,000 including assessing submissions from agencies and monitoring of auctions.
* the development of policies for the management of government real estate
* assisting in identifying properties that are surplus to current needs. Administering the Government's decision in relation to the disposal of surplus railway land.


This function encompasses the development and provision of a comprehensive and co-ordinated electronic information network for quick access to data relating to any block of land in Victoria drawing on a variety of government agencies' records and information systems.


Landata was established to co-ordinate the land information records and systems of various government agencies and to develop a computerised land information system for Victoria to provide ready access to information on each block of land in the State. In October 1982 a project team began developing a five year corporate plan for Landata, in conjunction with key user agencies. Responsibility for this function was transferred from the Department of Planning (VA 599) along with other planning functions in 1983. Landata became a division of the Ministry in January 1984.

In March 1985, following machinery of government changes, Landata was transferred to the Department of Property and Services (VA 430) and grouped administratively with other major land information and land administration agencies within the Department, such as the Titles Office, the Division of Survey and Mapping and the Valuer-General's Office. Prior to this the Government Computing Service of the Department of Property and Services had provided the Landata Division with advice on technical specifications for computing equipment for the Landata system. In January 1991 this function was transferred to the Ministry of Finance (VA 3016).

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