Queensland University of Technology

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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a highly successful Australian university with an applied emphasis in courses and research.  Based in Brisbane with a global outlook, it has 40,000 students, including 6000 from overseas (QUT Statistics), and an annual budget of more than AU$500 million.

Courses are in high demand and its graduate employment rate is well above the national average for Australian universities.

More information on QUT's rich past, its performance-focused present and exciting future:

Research and Key Research Areas

High-impact research in selected areas is undertaken at QUT, with a view to achieve significant public, commercial and practical benefit for the community and for our partners.  A key ambitions is to expand internationalisation of research including engagement with global research centres.  QUT has strong links with a number of international organisations and research institutions.

Major research area developments include:

  • building research in selected fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as they are widely considered to be essential core technological underpinnings for the continued development of society
  • building and consolidating QUT work at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation through engagement in research of high relevance to the health industry, with a focus on prevention and the use of technology for better health outcomes. QUT aims to be an international research leader in areas of nursing, wound healing, optometry, prostate cancer, and biomedical engineering 
  • continuing leadership in eResearch and building distinctive expertise in developing scientific knowledge, underpinned by continuing advances in information and communication technologies
  • consolidating and extending research in education and creative industries, business (especially economics and finance, management, entrepreneurship and non-profits) and law.

In order to achieve these outcomes, QUT is committed to developing a sustainable and high quality workforce and to providing high quality infrastructure, support functions and facilities for its researchers, and its making a considerable investment in sustainable infrastructure.

QUT aims to build research capability through:

Data Profile
Queensland University of Technology has 456 data records in Research Data Australia, which cover 3294 subjects areas including BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, INFORMATION AND COMPUTING SCIENCES and MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES and involve 14 group(s). All of the information provided by Queensland University of Technology can be accessed from the box on the right hand side of this page.
Research Support

The Division of Technology, Information and Learning Support (TILS) provides eResearch support through, Information Technology Services (High Performance Computing and Research Support) and the Library. These areas provide expertise and advanced technologies supporting research activities from research design to scholarly publishing.  Information on these services can be found on the QUT Services and Facilities (Research Support) website.