Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia [ 2016-05-01 - ]

Also known as: COSIMA

Research Project

Researchers: Assoc. Prof. Andy Hogg (Principal investigator of) ,  Dr Aidan Heerdegen

Full description

The Consortium from Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA) is comprised of a number of university nodes (ANU, UNSW, UTas, UAdelaide) and the major publicly-funded research agencies (Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Antarctic Division and the CSIRO). It is strongly supported by the National Computational Infrastructure and the Australian Research Council. COSIMA goal is to develop ocean and sea ice model configurations.

The Project Management Committee is comprised of:

  • Andy Hogg (Chair, ANU)
  • Matthew England (UNSW)
  • Gary Brassington (BoM)
  • Petra Heil (AAD)
  • Peter Oke (CSIRO),
  • Paul Spence (UNSW)
  • Max Nikurashin (UTas)

More information, a full list of members and COSIMA ethical code of trust are all available on the COSIMA website

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Licence & Rights

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Rights Statement

All model output generated by the consortium will have open access