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Libraries, galleries and museums, together with other agencies concerned with the arts, were located in the Chief Secretary's portfolio from 1855 to 1972. The extent to which the Chief Secretarys Department was directly responsible for the promotion and funding of the Arts and the administration of arts related agencies within the portfolio requires further research.

In 1972 a Minister of Arts (VRG 61) was first appointed with direct responsibility for promotion and co-ordination of the arts, including
promoting and improving the appreciation, practice, availability and accessibility of the Arts in co-operation with municipalities, public authorities and community groups
provision of facilities for the performance, practice and display of the Arts
arts and crafts, including the Victorian Tapestry Workshop and the Meat Market Craft Centre
the Victorian Arts Centre Trust.

As at 2001, Arts Victoria, a division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, is responsible for the implementation of the Governments arts policy and for the oversight of the state owned agencies including Cinemedia, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Museum Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria, Public Record Office Victoria, State Library of Victoria and the Victorian Arts Centre Trust.

Data time period: 1836 to 2013

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