Creative Victoria (formerly known as Arts Victoria from 1992 to 2014)

Public Record Office Victoria
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Following significant machinery of government changes after the election of the first Kenneth Government in October 1992, Arts Victoria VA 4416 within the Department of Arts, Sport amd Recreation (VA 3095, DAST) assumed all functions of the Ministry for the Arts (VA 1025).

In 1996, following the election the eleven existing Victorian Government agencies were restructured to form eight departments. Arts Victoria was established as a division of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) (VA 1039).


Arts Victoria had the dual function of being Government's arts funding body with a charter to increase the public awareness of and accessibility to the arts in Victoria and of having broad administrative responsibility for its various branches and agencies. Arts Victoria performed these functions by funding arts organisations through the State and through the services provided by the branches and agencies.

Arts Victoria was responsible for the implementation of the State Government's arts policy that sought to develop a vibrant and dynamic arts industry and position Victoria as the cultural capital of Australia. Arts Victoria was also responsible for overseeing the state-owned cultural agencies - Cinemedia, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Museum of Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria, Public Record Office Victoria, State Library of Victoria and the Victorian Arts Centre Trust. In addition, Arts Victoria has coordinating responsibility for Victoria's Centenary of Federation cultural and civic program.

As part of administrative changes effected on 1 January 2015 by the incoming Andrews Labor government, Arts Victoria was renamed Creative Victoria and transferred from DPC to the new Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTAR) (VA 5034) along with all statutory bodies previously reporting to the Minister of the Arts except the Public Record Office Victoria (VA 683), which was retained by DPC in the portfolio of the Special Minister of State. Accompanying the change of name from Arts Victoria to Creative Victoria, the agency's mission was restated as being "dedicated to supporting, championing and growing the arts and creative industries".

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