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The Sale and Use of Poisons Act, 1876 [40 Victoria, Act No. 9] provided for the appointment by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, of a Board of Pharmacy (1) The Board was to consist of
* the President of the new South Wales Medical Board;
* the Medical Adviser to the Government
* and the council of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales. The first appointments to the Board were announced by the Governor on 14 September, 1876 and published in the NSW Government Gazette the following day. (2)

The purpose for the establishment of the Board was to prevent unqualified persons from selling poisons. (2) The prime responsibility of the Board was to issue certificates to suitably qualified persons - initially
* those admitted as Pharmaceutical Chemists by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain;
* members or Licentiates of the Apothecaries Halls of London or Dublin;
* qualified medical practitioners;
* Persons apprenticed for at least three years with experience in dispensing prescriptions and successful in examination.
* Persons resident in remote areas certified by a Police Office and a Medical Practitioner as 'fit and proper persons to be allowed to sell poisons in such a place' (3)

The Board was to commence a "Register of Chemists and Druggists," which was to be alphabetically arranged according to name, and to record residence and qualifications. (4) The Register was to be maintained by the annotation of the register when certified persons were deceased and (5) removal of names of persons who became unfit because of criminal conviction, habitual intoxication or other reasons (6)

The Secretary and Registrar of the Board were to cause to be printed and published in the month of January in every year a copy of the Register showing the names and residences of all persons registered as chemists and druggists under the Act. (7)

The Board of Pharmacy of New South Wales, as constituted by the Poisons Act of 1876, was dissolved by the Pharmacy Act (No.7, 1897) which established the Pharmacy Board of New South Wales. (8)

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