Wastewater Treatment Facilities

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The National Wastewater Treatment Facilities Database presents the spatial locations of Australia's known wastewater treatment plants.

The purpose of the National Wastewater Treatment Plants Database is to support decision makers from industry, governments and other interested parties make better, and more informed decisions based on evidence based information.


The treatment plant datasets were digitized and constructed in 2011-2012 from aerial photography, orthophotos and satellite imagery held within Geoscience Australia. Image resolution ranged from 0.15m to 2.5m.

Source Information:
The primary information source used to locate the wastewater treatment plants was the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) for regulated and unregulated sites.

- Water Services Association of Australia

A list of treatment plants with names and addresses was obtained from the Association. Further data was obtained from publicly available information sourced from State and Local Government websites and from Water Authorities wastewater treatment plant websites.

GA imagery and publicly available information was used to confirm or correct the locations obtained from the WSAA. Polygons representing the extent of the facility were digitized to create a wastewater treatment plant areas feature class. A point feature class was generated from the polygons. The points all fall within their respective polygons, occur generally as a centroid of the polygon, and have identical attribution to their corresponding polygon feature.

Issued: 2012

Modified: 30 08 2016

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