WAMSI Node 4.2.3 - Fisheries dependent data and climate - Overview

Researchers: Caputi, Nick, Dr (Principal investigator) ,  Pearce, Alan (Custodian of, Point of contact)

Brief description The important role of the marine environment in recruitment and catches of a number of Western Australian commercial fisheries has long been recognised. This project is establishing a centralised database of relevant oceanographic and meteorological data off the Western Australian coastline in a consistent format to assist in establishing links between fisheries and the environment. The data are being acquired both from external sources (e.g. CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology) and from internal Fisheries data collected over the years.

Lineage Statement: Datasets / Parameter used by Fisheries WA include: - Southern Oscillation Index - Indian Ocean Dipole Index - Water temperature (a) Large-scale satellite-derived temperatures (b) Monthly in situ temperature (c) Continuous daily/hourly temperature - Sea level (Coastal tide gauges, Seaframe tide gauges [Broome, Hillarys, Esperance] - Wind (Automatic Weather Stations, NCEP winds, Seaframe anemometers) - Waves (DoT) - Currents (CSIRO, DSTO, Water Corp) - Salinity (CSIRO Rottnest Station) - Chlorophyll concentration (SeaWiFS) This data is collected from various locations at various points in time (earliest from 1876 to present) with further detail available attached Fisheries Research Report No. 213, 2010 - Fisheries-dependent indicators of climate change in Western Australia

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We gratefully acknowledge the Western Australian Marine Sciences Institution (WAMSI) for partially funding this project. We thank the reviewers of this sub-project Drs Rick Fletcher, Euan Harvey, Ming Feng and Brett Molony. The authors also acknowledge the scientists (Drs Anthony Hart, Mervi Kangas, Simon de Lestang, Danielle Johnston, Dan Gaughan, Corey Wakefield, Kim Smith) from the Department of Fisheries (WA) that provided information for the case studies.

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(Fisheries Research Report No. 213, 2010 - Fisheries-dependent indicators of climate change in Western Australia)

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Refer to the licensing for data from each individual organisation as no data was created during this WAMSI project. The following sources of data are also acknowledged: - CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research for Reynolds monthly temperature data, NCEP wind data, SeaWiFS chlorophyll data, Rottnest Island monitoring station data, CSIRO current meter data (Marmion, LUCIE and SRFME); - NCEP Reanalysis Derived data provided by the NOAA/OAR/ESRL PSD, Boulder, Colorado, USA, from their Web site at - National Tidal Centre in Adelaide for sea level data and the Seaframe data; - WA Department of Planning and Infrastructure / Department of Transport (DPI/DoT) for wave data; - Bureau of Meteorology for coastal wind and rainfall data; - Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) for temperature data; - Department of Fisheries staff for providing environmental data collected; - WA Water Corporation and Oceanica Consulting for current meter data off Bunbury; and - Current measurements from moorings SW of Rottnest Island and Dongara were provided by Ian S.F.Jones and Les Hamilton, both formerly of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).