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The Urban Water Security Research Alliance (2007-2012) was a $50 million partnership over five years between the Queensland Government, CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, Griffith University and The University of Queensland. The Alliance was formed to address South East Queensland's (SEQ's) emerging urban water issues with a focus on water security and recycling. 

The program brought an unparalleled capability and capacity in urban water research and development to SEQ, incorporating many years of world-class research expertise, to address Queensland’s urban water challenges and anticipated future risks, assumptions and uncertainties facing SEQ’s water supply strategy.

The Alliance actively collaborated with key stakeholders and other research organisations such as the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence (AWRCE), Water Quality Research Australia (WQRA), Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) and Cooperative Research Centres to make finite resources and research investment stretch further, producing a higher level of return on investment and more significant achievements than each organisation could manage working in isolation; thus resulting in a greater net benefit for the urban water sector.

The Alliance was a key member of the Australian Water Research and Development Coalition (AWRDC), formed in recognition of the benefits of coordination across research organisations in the urban water sector. This national level collaboration aims to deliver the best value for money R&D for the Australian urban water sector, undertaking priority R&D efficiently, limiting duplication of research and improving the effectiveness in translating R&D outcomes into practice for stakeholders.

Alliance Chair
Mr Chris Davis

Alliance Director 
Mr Don Begbie

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