Urban Greening for Liveability and Biodiversity [ 2015-07 - 2017-06 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Nicholas Williams

Brief description

Green spaces in urban areas are essential to liveability. They provide health benefits for residents by improving recreational spaces, reduce energy costs through a reduction in the ‘heat island’ effect and enhance the environmental values of cities with habitats for biodiversity.

This project is studying a range on urban greening strategies in order to improve urban greening practices and management. A range of trial sites across Australia are involved with this project.

Specific subprojects include evaluating existing green spaces and their vulnerabilities to climate change; establishing an Action Research program for urban greening; and understanding the best mechanisms to increase and protect green space and urban forests in Australian cities.

Notes In addition to the NESP funding, this project is matched by an equivalent amount of in-kind support and co-investment from project partners and collaborators.

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