National Environmental Science Programme [ 2015-07 - 2017-06 ]

Also known as: NESP

Full description

The National Environmental Science Programme will assist decision-makers to understand, manage and conserve Australia’s environment by funding world-class biodiversity and climate science.

The Programme is delivered through the following research hubs and will extend the work of the previous National Environment Research Program (NERP):

  • the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub which will support environmental quality in urban areas w
  • the Earth Systems Hub which will further our understanding of the drivers of Australia’s climate 
  • the Marine Biodiversity Hub which will research Australian oceans and marine environments, including temperate coastal water quality and marine species
  • the Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub which will support the sustainable development of our northern landscapes 
  • the Threatened Species Recovery Hub which will support the management of threats and improving recovery of threatened species
  • the Tropical Water Quality Hub which will research coastal water quality and coastal management focused on the Great Barrier Reef and other tropical waters


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