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Upper Burdekin Classified Water Observations from Space (WOfS) Summary Statistic OGC WMS

Geoscience Australia
Kilgour, P.L. (Custodian) Manager Client Services (Point of contact ) Woods, M.A. (Publisher)
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

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The WOfS summary statistic represents, for each pixel, the percentage of time that water is detected at the surface relative to the total number of clear observations. Due to the 25-m by 25-m pixel size of Landsat data, only features greater than 25m by 25m are detected and only features covering multiple pixels are consistently detected. The WOfS summary statistic was produced over the McBride and Nulla Basalt provinces for the entire period of available data (1987 to 2018). Pixels were polygonised and classified in order to visually enhance key data in the imagery. Areas depicted in the dataset have been exaggerated to enable visibility.


The data in this web service has been created as part of Geoscience Austrlaia's Exploring for the Future program. This dataset represents TCW across 2013 and will not change.
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148,-17 148,-21 143,-21 143,-17 148,-17


text: northlimit=-17; southlimit=-21; westlimit=143; eastLimit=148