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Upper Burdekin Classified Tasselled Cap Wetness (TCW) Percentage Exceedance Composite WMS

Geoscience Australia
Kilgour, P.L. (Resource provider ) Manager Client Services (Point of contact ) Woods, M.A. (Custodian)
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Brief description

The Tasselled Cap Wetness (TCW) percentage exceedance composite represents the behaviour of water in the landscape, as defined by the presence of water, moist soil or wet vegetation at each pixel through time. The summary shows the percentage of observed scenes where the Wetness layer of the Tasselled Cap transform is above the threshold, i.e. where each pixel has been observed as ‘wet’. Areas that retain surface water or wetness in the landscape during the dry season are potential areas of groundwater discharge and associated GDEs. The TCW exceedance composite was classified into percentage intervals to distinguish areas that were wet for different proportions of time during the 2013 dry season. Areas depicted in the dataset have been exaggerated to enable visibility.


The data in this web service has been created as part of Geoscience Austrlaia's Ecploring for the Future program. This dataset represents TCW across 2013 and will not change.
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148,-17 148,-21 143,-21 143,-17 148,-17


text: northlimit=-17; southlimit=-21; westlimit=143; eastLimit=148