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The Teachers' Registration Board was established under the provisions of Section 7 of the Education (Amendment) Act 1986 (No. 118). Essentially the Board was established as an amalgamated central body replacing the Technical Teachers' Registration Board (VA 1636), Secondary Teachers' Registration Board (VA 1635), Primary Teachers' Registration Board (VA 1634) and the Teacher Registration Council (VA 1226).

The changes only affected the title of the agency as the registration of Primary, Secondary and Technical teachers continued separately.


The Board consisted of thirteen members appointed by the Governor-in-Council. The Chairperson was nominated by the Minister of Education in consultation with the Teachers' Federation of Victoria, six members were officers of the Ministry of Educaiton nominated by the Minister and six members were teachers elected from and by teachers in State schools.


The main functions of the Teachers' Registration Board were:

- to consider applications for registration or provisional registration as teachers or categories of teachers for primary, secondary and technical schools and register persons it decided were suitably qualified to teach in the category of school for which registration the applicant had applied

- to determine the equivalent level of interstate and overseas qualifications available in Victoria subject to any regulations made by the Board

- to deregister a registered teacher if it considered it proper in the circumstances to do so; and

- to keep a register of persons registered or provisionally registered as teachers.

In March 1990 the Secondary and Technical divisions of the Teachers' Registration Board were merged to form a single secondary registration division.


The Teachers' Registration Board was abolished under the provisions of Part 4, Section 7 of the Education (Teachers) Act 1993 (No. 44/1993) and was replaced by the Standards Council of the Teaching Profession (VA 4088).

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