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The UQ Research Computing Centre (RCC) manages and supports the University of Queensland's supercomputers, tera-scale data archives, visualisation and high-bandwith network connections.

It also provides research user support. RCC's goal is to ensure that UQ's research computing infrastructure is research led, research engaged, usable, and delivers value to researchers.

RCC brings together two existing core groups, the HPC Unit and the Vislab group. Links to researcher in Faculties and Institutes are provided by a number of new R&D Liaison positions.

RCC will provide for UQ:

  • a focal point for accessing HPC and data infrastructure, and support services;
  • a vehicle for research collaborations requiring advanced computing resources/techniques;
  • satisfying the research computing needs of a range of user groups at UQ, spanning the expert, intensive and general;
  • ready access to advice and help in using the systems, in computational methods, in data workflows, in remote collaborations, and in analysing and visualising results;
  • access to educational and training programs;
  • skills formation via joint R&D projects;
  • and a mechanism for participation in regional, national and international HPC and e-Research programs.
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