Professor James Whelan

Also known as: Jim Whelan
La Trobe University
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Professor Jim Whelan heads a lab based at the internationally recognised AgriBio, Centre for Agricultural Bioscience facility within La Trobe's Melbourne Campus. His extensive career highlights include more than seven thousand citations for his hundreds of published articles, which have focused on his research on plant energy metabolism.

His accomplishments throughout his successful career have resulted in international awards such as the Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship, recognised as one of the most highly cited and influential authors by the American Society of Plant Biology.

Professor Whelan played an important role in establishing the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, as well as holding the position of Co-Director, AgriBio. Along with his role as Professor, Department of Plant and Animal Sciences, School of Life Sciences, Professor Whelan also holds the role of Director, Research Focus Area, Securing Food, Water and the Environment.

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