NCRIS Capability - Evolving Biomolecular Platforms and Informatics

Provided by   NCRIS

Full description A revolution is underway in research into the molecular basis of life. Advances in our understanding of genes, proteins and metabolites are producing a wealth of applications in areas as diverse as the development of new drugs, novel crop varieties and biofuels. The Australian Government has committed over $50 million through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) for facilities to support biomolecular research. Managed through a co-ordinating body – Bioplatforms Australia – this investment is delivering services in the specialist areas of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics through networks of collaborating organisations. NCRIS has provided funding to support gene discovery and genome analysis in the Australian Genome Research Facility, universities and specialist centres around Australia. The investment in proteomics - research into protein structure and function – builds on the existing Australian Proteome Analysis Facility with collaborating partners. Metabolomics – the investigation of metabolic products in cells, tissues, fluids, organs and organisms – is supported by a network of nodes based in four states, while NCRIS support for bioinformatics enables the effective data management required for biomolecular research. In May 2009, the Australian Government committed a further $50 million through the Super Science Initiative to enhance and extend the Evolving Biomolecular Platforms and Informatics capability.

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