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The Mechanical Engineer was appointed on 6 December 1888 and was amongst the headquarters staff. By 1 July 1890 the Chief Mechanical Engineer's Branch was established to succeeded the Locomotive Engineer's Branch. The branch appears to have been known as the Mechanical Branch. By 1891 the main office of the Mechanical Branch was created at Eveleigh. The branch was responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of railway rolling stock, and for its acquisition and disposal. Initially it was responsible for manning of locomotives and water supply works. In addition to the major workshops at Eveleigh there was a workshop at Honeysuckle Creek, Newcastle, (1) repair shops at Penrith, Bathurst and Goulburn and several smaller depots (unnamed). (2)

By 1934 the following reported to the Chief Mechanical Engineer:
The Locomotive Workshops, Eveleigh of whom the principal officers and branches were: Car and Wagon Superintendent; Superintendent of Electric Rolling Stock; Design Office; Locomotive Accountant; Assistant Locomotive Superintendent (Water Supplies and Maintenance); Physical Laboratory (Testing Engineer); Chemical Laboratory (Analytical Chemist); Superintendent of Staff.
There were workshops at Cardiff with branches at Bullock Island and Honeysuckle, the whole of which was headed by a Works’ Manager at Cardiff. These workshops employed over 800 supervisors, staff, tradesmen, assistants and administrative staff
Four divisional Locomotive Superintendents (Sydney, South, West and North) reported to the Assistant Locomotive Superintendent
The Divisional Locomotive Superintendent, Sydney was responsible for steam sheds at Eveleigh, Enfield, Clyde, Hornsby and Thirroul
The Divisional Locomotive Superintendent, South was situated at Goulburn and responsible for stem sheds at Goulburn, Cootamundra, Harden, Narrandera, Temora, Cowra and Junee
The Divisional Locomotive Superintendent, West was situated at Bathurst and responsible for steam sheds at Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Nyngan, Dubbo, Broken Hill and Parkes
The Divisional Locomotive Superintendent, North was situated at Newcastle and responsible for the steam sheds at Broadmeadow, Taree, Werris Creek, Moree, Port Waratah, Murrurundi, Armidale, Casino and Narrabri West. (3)

By 1947 the Branch was divided into two major sections - engineering assistants and workshops.
The engineering assistants consisted of the design staff who reported to the Principal Designing Engineer. The senior design staff were responsible for Locomotives, boilers and rail motors; Car, wagon and electrical rolling stock; and plant, equipment and water supply.
The major officers of the Workshops section were the Manager of the Locomotive Works at Eveleigh, Area Works Manager, Chullora; Works Manager at Cardiff, the Car and Wagon Superintendent (whose responsibilities included Gas Supply and the Wagon Works at Clyde; Superintendent of Outdoor Rolling Stock; Plant and Equipment Engineer (whose responsibilities included the Water Supply Shops at Erskineville); Electrical Equipment Engineer; and the Superintendent of Electric Rolling Stock whose responsibilities included electric train running and the electric car workshops situated at Chullora.
There was also an Assistant Chief Mechanical engineer to whom the following reported - Engineer for Locomotive Running; and the Locomotive Superintendents responsible for Maintenance; Outdoor; Irregularities; and Running.
The Divisional Locomotive Superintendents also reported to the Assistant Chief Mechanical Engineer. These continued to be in four locations – South, West, North and Metropolitan each was supported by a district engineer and staff. (4)

The Branch was abolished on 1 July 1973 when the Workshops Branch was established.

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