Linkage Projects - Grant ID: LP130100568 [ 2013 - 2016 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Andrea Gerson; Dr Jun Li; Em/Prof Roger Smart; Dr Michael Short; Dr Russell Schumann; Dr Stephane Brienne;

Brief description Acid rock drainage (ARD) and toxic metal leaching due to oxidation of sulfide-containing mining wastes, have serious environmental, economic and social impacts. Existing management systems are inadequate for high rate ARD, long-term effectiveness and carry high potential costs/liability for remediation. The primary focus will be to control ARD at source rather than by effluent treatment before release from site. The basis for this control will be development of an optimised multi-barrier system for acid generation rate reduction using both geochemical and microbial actions to reduce oxygen at the sulfide surfaces, utilising on-site neutralising waste rock and organic carbon waste additions.

Funding Amount 270000

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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