Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities - Grant ID: LE150100048 [ 2015-09-30 - 2016-12-31 ]

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Researchers: Bowie, Andrew (Chief Investigator) ,  Bowie, Andrew, Dr (Chief Investigator) ,  Bowie, Andrew, Dr (Chief Investigator) ,  A/Prof Steven Siems (Chief Investigator) A/Prof Stephen Wilson (Chief Investigator)

Brief description Atmospheric integrated research on burdens and oxidative capacity. Atmospheric integrated research on burdens and oxidative capacity: No single player in the Australian research community can make a large suite of atmospheric composition measurements, while the combined capability of the community is tremendous. Providing a platform to bring this capability together is cost effective and is expected to provide strong scientific return. This defines the requirements for Atmospheric Integrated Research on Burdens and Oxidative capacity (AIR-BOX) to make a valuable contribution to Australian Atmospheric Science research. This project aims to provide a suite of mobile equipment including a chemical ionisation mass spectrometer, an ultraviolet-visible radiation spectrometer, a mini micropulse lidar, an in situ Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, and a cloud condensation nuclei counter. It will be capable of remote and autonomous deployment, real-time data transfer and control, a wide range of tracer measurements, flexible configuration, and physical as well as tracer measurements.

Funding Amount $630,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

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Prof Peter Rayner

local : prof_peter_rayner

Dr Robyn Schofield

orcid : 0000-0002-4230-717X

Prof Zoran Ristovski

orcid : 0000-0001-6066-6638

Prof Peter Nelson

orcid : 0000-0001-6082-937X

Dr Clare Murphy (nee Paton-Walsh)

orcid : 0000-0003-1156-4138

Dr Danijel Belusic

local : dr_danijel_belusic

Dr Simon Alexander

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Dr Melita Keywood

orcid : 0000-0001-9953-6806

Dr Alastair Williams

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Dr Nicholas Jones

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Ms Sarah Lawson

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Prof Godwin Ayoko

orcid : 0000-0001-8160-4209

Prof David Griffith

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Dr Branka Miljevic

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Prof Richard Sinnott

orcid : 0000-0001-5998-222X

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