Improved Urban systems for Liveability [ 2015-07 - 2017-06 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Professor Jago Dodson

Brief description

Transport networks, green space and urban design are some of the systems that underpin the liveability of our cities. Just as important are the interconnections between these systems. This project takes an integrated approach, at both a city-wide and at a microscale, to study their collective impact on urban areas in order to improve future planning.

The key problems addressed by this project include active transport and walkability; land-use and housing, including in the urban fringe, urban infill and retrofitting of existing urban areas; the provision of green and open space; and the impacts on liveability and sustainability for humans. The research will examine how the integration of urban systems can be optimised in inner, middle and outer areas of cities to create greener more walkable and sustainable neighbourhoods.

The Urban Systems project focuses on the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth as case studies

Notes In addition to the NESP funding, this project is matched by an equivalent amount of in-kind support and co-investment from project partners and collaborators.

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