Impacts of climate change on biogenic habitat-forming seaweeds in south east Australia

Research Grant

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Researchers: Craig Richard Johnson (Principal investigator) ,  Johnson, Craig (Principal investigator) ,  Johnson, Craig (Principal investigator) ,  Johnson, Craig (Principal investigator) ,  Johnson, Craig, Dr (Principal investigator)
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Full description Seaweed-based systems on rocky reefs in south east Australia support high levels of biodiversity, endemism and economic activity (fisheries). We will provide important insight into how climate change is likely to affect the key habitat-forming seaweeds in this system, and a first assessment of how other marine species will respond to any shift in abundance of the habitat-forming seaweeds. These predictions are critical if human adaptation to effects of climate change are to be proactive and not reactive. We will also test a basic assumption of most bio-climate envelope models that are the basis of many current predictions of the effect of climate change on species distributions. The project will provide the basis for training of two PhD students

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