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HuNI - Humanities Networked Infrastructure

Also known as: Humanities Networked Infrastructure, HuNI
Deakin University
Deb Verhoeven (Managed by) Dr Christopher McAvaney (Associated with)
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HuNI (Humanities Networked Infrastructure) is one of the Virtual Laboratories funded by NeCTAR as part of the NCRIS Programme.

HuNI enables researchers and other users to assemble and publish collections of object and entity records relevant to a particular subject, topic, theme, person, place or concept.

HuNI users can also create links between any of the 17.75 million records for objects and entities in the HuNI database. 

These records are assembled from 32 Australian cultural websites into the biggest Australian humanities and creative arts database ever created.

HuNI data covers all disciplines and brings together information about the people, works, events, concepts, organisations and places that make up the country's rich cultural landscape. The data providers and record numbers (as at 8 November 2017) are as follows:

Australian Dictionary of Biography (12,715)

Find and Connect WA (1,343)

The Wallaby Club Inc. (636)


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iso31661: AU