Hawkesbury Shire (1981- 1989) / City of Hawkesbury (1989- )

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Hawkesbury Shire was established on 1 January 1981 by the Local Government Areas Amalgamation Act, 1980 (Act No.110, 1980) which combined the Municipality of Windsor and the Shire of Colo to become the Hawkesbury Shire. (1) A proclamation in the NSW Government Gazette of 17 October 1980 named the area as the Shire of Hawkesbury to consist of 12 members of Council. (2) The Act was proclaimed on 24 October 1980 when arrangements were gazetted for the appointment of returning officer and the conduct of elections. (3)

In November 1986 the boundaries of the City of Penrith and the Shire of Hawkesbury were rationalised by a portion of land of approximately 480 square metres in the City of Penrith being transferred to the Shire of Hawkesbury and about 1750 square metres being transferred from Hawkesbury Shire to the City of Penrith . (4)

Hawkesbury Shire was proclaimed a City to take effect from 1 July 1989. (5)

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