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Dynamic National Map Hydrology and Marine - Polygons MapServer

Geoscience Australia
Butrovski, D. (Custodian) Manager Client Services (Point of contact )
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

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This service has been created specifically for display in the National Map and the symbology displayed may not suit other mapping applications. Information included within the service includes the polygon/area locations for surface hydrology, including natural and man-made features such as water courses (including directional flow paths), lakes, dams and other water bodies and marine themes. The data is sourced from Geoscience Australia 250K Topographic data and Surface Hydrology data. The service contains layer scale dependencies.


This version of the service is due to an upgrade in Geoscience Australia infrastructure and as a result the service name and/or layer names may have changed.

This web service was originally titled NM Hydrography and Marine - Polygons but now removed Hydrography in the name and replaced with Hydrology. (Created from NM Hydrography and Marine - Polygons web service which has eCatId 89909 (WMS) & eCatId 89912 (ESRI Mapserver).) This web service has been created for the use in National Map ( The layers in the web services are not to be viewed beyond 1:70,000 scale due to the accuracy of the data. The data used in the web service are sourced from the GEODATA TOPO 250K database and the Surface Hydrology Data. When these two databases are updated, the web service will be recreated to reflect the information in the new datasets. The original Hydrography and Marine web service was split into 3 new services due to NationalMap saying the data displays too slowly. This service contains all hydrology and marine polygon features.
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169.16154,-2.388254 169.16154,-49.984077 100.144424,-49.984077 100.144424,-2.388254 169.16154,-2.388254


text: northlimit=-2.388254; southlimit=-49.984077; westlimit=100.144424; eastLimit=169.16154


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Dynamic National Map Hydrology and Marine - Polygons MapServer

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