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Researchers: Dr Graham Johnson (Chief Investigator) A/Prof Graham Jones (Chief Investigator) Dr Branka Miljevic (Chief Investigator) Dr Martin Cope (Partner Investigator) Dr Melita Keywood (Partner Investigator)

Brief description GBR as a significant source of climatically relevant aerosol particles. Every cloud drop is formed from a microscopic aerosol particle, known as a cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). In unpolluted environments the CCN particles originate from biogenic sources. Determining the magnitude and driving factors of biogenic aerosol production in different ecosystems is crucial to the development and improvement of climate models. This project aims to determine the mechanisms of new particle production from one of the biggest ecosystems in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef. It is expected that the project will establish whether marine aerosol along the Queensland coast is coral-derived and show that this aerosol can affect the CCN concentration and therefore cloud formation and the hydrological cycle.

Funding Amount $263,500

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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Other Information
Prof Zoran Ristovski

orcid : 0000-0001-6066-6638

Dr Robyn Schofield

orcid : 0000-0002-4230-717X

Prof Annele Virtanen

local : prof_annele_virtanen

Dr Robin Modini

local : dr_robin_modini

Dr Michael Harvey

local : dr_michael_harvey

Prof Tuukka Petaja

local : prof_tuukka_petaja

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