Continental-scale tracking of threats to shallow Australian reef ecosystems [ 2015-07-01 - ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Graham Edgar (Principal investigator) ,  Richard Stuart-Smith Stuart-Smith, RIck (Principal investigator of, Postdoctoral Fellow (Industry)) ,  Stuart-Smith, Rick Stuart-Smith, Rick
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Brief description

The project will: (i) integrate detailed tropical and temperate fish, macro-invertebrate, sessile invertebrate, and algal datasets that span the Australian continent, including comparison of AIMS, Reef Life Survey and UTAS data from co-located sites, (ii) survey distribution of pollutants at inshore reef sites, (iii) identify impacts of major environmental stressors (sewage, heavy metals, fishing, rising sea temperature, introduced species) on reef communities, (iv) identify a suite of sensitive state-of-the-environment indicators derived from ecological survey data to accurately map changing distribution of impacts around the Australian continent, and (v) collate ecological condition data for input to 2016 State of the Environment reporting. The first year of the project will focus on outputs required for SoE reporting. A detailed research plan for subsequent years will also be developed, based on consultation with the Department and stakeholders, to fill knowledge gaps associated with ongoing environmental condition reporting, Essential Environmental Measures, the National Monitoring Blueprint, and evaluation of Commonwealth Marine Reserves.

Notes In addition to the NESP funding, this project is matched by an equivalent amount of in-kind support and co-investment from project partners and collaborators.

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