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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

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The Australian Geological Provinces Database contains descriptions and spatial extents of the fundamental geological elements of the Australian continent and offshore surrounds. Province types include sedimentary basins, tectonic provinces such as cratons and orogens, igneous provinces, and metallogenic provinces. Spatial data has been captured largely at approximately 1:1M scale for intended use between 1:2M and 1:5M scale.


This is the second iteration of the Australian Geological Provinces web service. This version replaces the Geological Provinces 2013 web service, which will be decommissioned. This version of the web service represents Geoscience Australia's preferred boundaries for geological provinces, and includes many updated outlines as well as Cenozoic Paleovalleys for the first time.
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171.88106,-3.627 171.88106,-49.86143 106.56906,-49.86143 106.56906,-3.627 171.88106,-3.627


text: northlimit=-3.627; southlimit=-49.86143; westlimit=106.569061; eastLimit=171.88106


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