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AREMI Buildings (Web Mercator) MapServer

Geoscience Australia
Butrovski, D. (Custodian of) Manager Client Services (Point of contact)
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

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This web service shows areas or locations occupied by an existing high-density urban development or known individual building structures in peri-urban and remote locations. Data used in this service is of varying levels of coverage and quality since it is aggregated from a variety of sources.
The intended purpose of the service is to provide preliminary, first-pass information about urban environment, building structures and their distribution in landscape, as one of constraints on future development. Users should carry out further and more detailed investigations because this information is not meant to be a definitive source or support engineering phase planning.
The service has layer scale dependencies.


All buildings have an assigned operational status and a primary function.
At the scales smaller than 1:50,000 individual buildings and built-up areas (which are generalisation of dense urban environment) are depicted as potentially unsuitable locations or areas due to an existing development. Greater granularity is provided at map scales larger than 1:50,000 whereby individual buildings are portrayed by combining their operational status (operational, abandoned/ruin, or unknown) and the function (residential, community or commercial, health and welfare, emergency services, and other) attributes into 5 classes.
About 5% of all buildings depicted in the web service were originally captured for purpose of generating topographic map products at small scales i.e. 1:250,000 or smaller. These features may have been generalised or offset from their true position for cartographic representation purposes. Therefore, positional uncertainty associated with these features is depicted as buffers from scale 1:144,000 or larger. The buffers indicate that actual real-world feature may be sighted anywhere within it. The remainder of buildings have much greater positional accuracy and hence smaller buffers, corresponding much closely to buildings visible on base imagery, such as that provided by Bing and Google.
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155,-8 155,-45 110,-45 110,-8 155,-8


text: northlimit=-8.0; southlimit=-45.0; westlimit=110.0; eastLimit=155.0


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AREMI Buildings (Web Mercator) MapServer

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