ARC Centres of Excellence for Climate System Science [ 2011 - 2017 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof AJ Pitman; Prof C Jakob; Prof N Bindoff; Prof MH England; Prof D Karoly; A/Prof M Roderick; Dr L Alexander; Dr A Hogg; Dr D Dommenget; Prof A Lynch; Dr T Lane; Prof S Sherwood; Prof W Steffen; Dr P Strutton; Dr S Bony; Dr C Frederiksen; Dr W Grabowsk

Brief description (ARC Centres of Excellence for Climate System Science) Our capacity to assess the threat of climate change is undermined by an unacceptable level of uncertainty in the understanding and modelling of regional climates. The Centre will undertake world-class research targeting identified weaknesses in the physical, chemical and biological components of the climate system. We will engage and nurture graduate students and postdoctoral follows through a program of graduate training and mentoring to permanently transform our understanding of climate systems science particularly for the Australian region. The key outcome will be a dramatic enhancement in national capacity to understand and project the scale of future regional climate change.

Funding Amount 21400000

Funding Scheme ARC Centres of Excellences

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