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Goulburn Gaol was proclaimed on 28 June 1847. (1)

When the Comptroller of Prisons first reported to parliament in 1878 Goulburn Gaol had accommodation for 63 segregated and 127 associated prisoners, and held 66 prisoners - 65 males and one female. (2)

New premises were in the process of erection in 1881 as part of a scheme to 'bring this Colony on from its present backward position as regards to prison buildings' (3) '(The) building called and known by the name of the New Gaol at Goulburn' was proclaimed as a Public Gaol, Prison and House of Correction from 1 July, 1884 (4) The gaol also became a place of detention for male prisoners under sentence or transportation under An Act to Substitute the Punishment for Transportation beyond the Seas' (5). The new gaol increased the capacity of the gaol to 182 separated and 546 associated prisoners. In the year ended 1884 there were a total of 295 prisoners in custody (6) In 1893 prison labour was used to build an additional 127 cells to Goulburn Gaol, six exercise yards for 'youthful offenders' and a further yard for prisoners awaiting trial. This extension enabled Goulburn gaol to operate on the principle of restricted association which was gradually being adopted throughout the Colony. (7) The following year additional cells were erected for female prisoners. The '7th class' prisoners were moved into the former women's cells thus preventing contact between these young prisoners and serious offenders. Steam cooking facilities were installed and a 70' chimney was erected, new workshops were planned to create one of the most complete prison complexes in NSW (8)

The prison was re-named the Goulburn Reformatory in 1928, (9) and became known as the Goulburn Training Centre in 1949 (10). In 1992 the centre was again re-named - Goulburn Correctional Centre (11)

Goulburn was one of the principal gaols in NSW. Its prime focus was upon the first offenders where a program of employment, educational opportunities, physical education in addition to the scheme of restricted association was credited for a relatively low level of re-offending. (12)

When the Department of Corrective Services was abolished on 1 July 2009 Goulburn Correctional Centre became responsible to Corrective Services NSW. (13)

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