AGY-3618 | Big Creek Provisional School (1940-1946) Big Creek Public School [II] (1946-1961), Hilldale Public School (1961-1968)

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The Provisional School at Big Creek in the district of Durham re-opened in May 1940 when the former subsidised school there was upgraded . The School was conducted in the building which had housed the Subsidised school and the former Public School at Big Crekk which had prreceded it. The Inspector reported "The school was recently re-opened after having functioned for some time as a subsidised school. The building is in urgent need of painting and repairs. ...
All records are satisfactory. ...
... the provisional school has been in operation only since the beginning of the present term ..."
(Report dated 30th July, 1938)

In March 1946 the school was converted to a public school. In 1961 the school changed name to Hilldale Public School and closed in December 1968. (1) Public schools offer basic elementary education at a primary level. (2)

1) Government Schools of NSW 1848-1998 p.81
2 ibid. p17

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